What we do

Cotswold Surgical Partners treat Skin cancer, and suspected skin cancer as well as complex rashes, where GPs need help with diagnosis, management or both.

Cotswold Surgical Partners areas of expertise are:

  • Rheumatic Dermatology
  • Complex Medical Dermatology
  • Skin Cancer
  • Undergraduate Medical Education
  • Psychology of Skin Disease

Skin cancer specialist

Patients are seen in clinic by the dermatologist with the skin cancer clinical nurse specialist, Paula Allen. Anyone found to have a suspected skin cancer and needing surgery will be booked directly into a Tetbury "Day Surgery" theatre slot, with one of the plastic surgeons. We use a diary so that patients can choose and date and time that suits them, and give them the security of having a definite treatment date.

Also at that initial appointment, the outpatient nurses (Susan, Elaine or Julie) will take the patient through a small "pre-op" checklist and take MRSA swabs, and this gives patients extra time to ask questions about the process.

On the day of surgery, the patient attends Tetbury Day Surgery Unit at the specified time, and is given a couch/ comfy chair on which to rest, have a drink and wait for the plastic surgeon to explain the procedure and to fill in the consent form, prior to the procedure itself.