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Regenerate, soften and repair

SkinPen® is often referred to as collagen induction therapy and is an advanced micro-medical skin-needling procedure that works by promoting natural collagen reproduction without scarring, thus creating smoother, brighter, healthier and younger-looking skin.

SkinPen® can be used to significantly improve the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles, sun-damaged and ageing skin, acne scars and general scars.

SkinPen® Pricing

Initial consultation booked with non-refundable fee£5015mins
One treatment for face£2301 hour
Each additional area (Neck, Décolletage, Back of hands)£50
Three treatments for facial area *special price*£550

Conditions Treated

Acne and Rosacea
Age Spots
Excessive Sweating
Fat Pockets
Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Hair Removal
Hooded Eyelids
Short or Thinning Eyelashes
Skin Blemishes
Thread Veins

SkinPen® uses 14 state of the art smooth adjustable length needles that pierce the skin and cause thousands of micro-injuries into the skin’s surface. The body is then tricked into producing collagen to heal the damage, resulting in a significant improvement in the texture and tome of your skin.

Collagen production slows down with age so any boost that can be given is beneficial. Wrinkles and lines will fill out and fade over time. Pigmented areas will be repaired due to the growth of new skin providing even colouring, tone and texture. Fibrous and uneven scar tissue will be broken up enabling the skin to become smoother and the scar to become less noticeable.

Downtime is minimal, usually consisting of a slightly red face, or other treated area, similar to moderate sunburn.

It is not uncommon to experience skin tightness and mild sensitivity to touch which will diminish significantly after a few hours and should be completely healed within 24 hours.

Other possible side effects are itching and stinging which normally only lasts up to 48 hours. There will be barely any evidence three days post-treatment. Results should be visible after six to eight weeks and continue to improve further over time.


In order to achieve the best results more than one SkinPen® procedure might be recommended, a course of three is an effective and economical way to have this treatment. Our fully trained and qualified staff are always happy to advise you on the best treatment for your skin. Please click now to book your appointment.

We don’t believe in taking chances and nor should you, especially when it comes to your health and appearance. We believe that excellent patient care, high standards of practice, knowledge and training go hand in hand with delivering great aesthetic outcomes. We ensure that you don’t compromise on either.

That is why we are an accredited Save Face clinic and our qualified Aesthetic Nurse is also an accredited practitioner.

Keeping everyone safe during COVID-19

We are taking many extra measures, due to coronavirus, to ensure the safest environment for you and our staff when you visit. Prior to visiting all patients need to have had a negative lateral flow test. We will also be completing a temperature check on your arrival.

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